A business about the improvement of
the local living environment
It is a long time since and it comes to be said that an area collapsed in Japan. The life of the people who had various problems is in particular unstable. It is devoted activity of the people who do not mind life of the self that support the life of the people who had various problems. We aim at the business construction to achieve the environment improvement that can run stable life.
A business about the life support of
a foreigner living in Japan
When it is it, in Japan where declining birthrate and aging progresses rapidly, the role of a foreign person hoping to work in Japan is expected by a big thing. Foreigner living in such situation aims at the business construction aimed for the environment improvement that I work, and can live a life without being puzzled over a difference of the culture, the difference of the living environment.
A consulting business about
the welfare allied enterprise.
People engaging in a welfare allied enterprise are people called employment. However, the social status cannot be said to be high still more. However, the devoted work of such a various places does not collapse the welfare. Based on this fact, we aim at the business construction that we can propose about the meaning of working of the employment to engage in a welfare allied enterprise, modus operandi.
Research Activities
As for "Friday Social Work", Associate Professor Japan Lutheran College Hiroshi Harashima plays a key role, and it is administered. We support "Friday Social Work" performing the research activities of the international welfare and the international collaboration.
With "Friday Social Work"
It starts as a meeting for the study according to the field that assumes "Friday World" to learn an international problem from mainly on the development cooperation that began a mother's body from Washington D.C. in 2006. They aim at the network formation, the carrier formation while being used to contents and the form of the argument while deepening understanding from the place of the exchange of opinions.