‚²ˆ₯ŽA Greeting from our president

After the establishment of our company, we were able to lapse of 6 years. This is because there has been everyone's understanding. We are grateful to everyone.

In our company, there is the Overseas Support Business and the Domestic Support Business.

In the domestic support business, we have the goal of human resource development. For that, we are the traning instructer for the human resource development.
We believe that human resource development is important. And we will work to the healthy upbringing of children.

In the overseas support business, we make an effort for regional development of the Balkans. Especially we will focus on the Republic of Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina. For that we will build the cooperation between JICA and JANIC. And our original business g Simple Smile Project g , we will promote it.

We think that this year is the year of great transformation. Therefore we will value the philosophy of our company.